Masters of the Art of Brazilian Wax for Women & Men


Enter a world of Synergy naturally...

Your skin is precious. Allow us to share the wisdom and proven results of a dedicated natural organic skin program.

With the effects of stress, airborne pollutants and toxins we are exposed to in our present daily routines, aggressive chemical peels and cosmetic procedures are not the answer for all.

Our bodies are organic. We are most receptive and responsive to a long-term natural application of what our bodies need for wellness. With this philosophy applied, our bodies are restored, renewed and rejuvenated, thereby creating harmony and balance that reflect a healthy glow that activates our inner & outer beauty.

The Skin Studio Specializes in Brazilian Waxing for Men & Women, Full Body Wax, Eyebrow Waxing ,Bikini Waxing, Leg Waxing, Male Waxing, We are highlighted in an interview on hair removal with Naomi Torres on

Shumai-Chi focuses on privacy, exclusivity and presents only pristine products for hair removal. Our Waxes are European, French and Bulgarian. Hard wax with lanolin to soothe the most sensitive skin, assuring your skin is in stellar condition after hair removal.

Shumai-Chi opened in 2010 with the mission and philosophy to deliver the highest quality of care to our guests. After 3yrs of research, Phase II evolved. Elegant Escapes of Green Glamour. Privacy Exclusivity and Annonymity is our focus and this allowed us to design our Organic Studio in the same philosophy as the Skin/Wax Studio staying mindful of personal services.

Shumai-Chi now offers restorative hair growth scalp treatments for thinning hair & baldness. European organic hair color for the organic and vegan client with wellness in mind. Our organic hair color is 100% ammonia free and restores the integrity of your hair, with no endocrine disruption. Results are a healthier you, leaving a shine and reflection your friends will envy. We offer a full line of non-toxic ,non-gluten, non-chemical hair care by Intelligent Nutrients that is safe and nutritious.

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